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The Top 10 Things Every HOA Board in Los Angeles Should Know!

  • Your key objective is to protect and enrich community value.
  • As the lead roles in the non-profit corporation of the community in Los Angeles or surrounding areas, the board holds legal fiduciary duty. All liability and any action taken as a board member are commonly overseen and protected by governing documents. State statues and other limitations are also placed on all non-profit corporations that are based on the obligation of care, loyalty and good faith. It is also necessary that the HOA board be protected with insurance officers and directors.
  • A written Code of Conduct should be properly developed and followed by the particular HOA Board in the Los Angeles community and surrounding areas.
  • It is a requirement that the HOA board comply with all federal, states and local California laws to guarantee that the HOA’s principal documents are followed fairly and consistently.
  • All sensitive communications between HOA board members is to be completed via telephone. This information should not be transmitted through email email can be included as part of the discovery if any lawsuit occurs.
  • The Los Angeles HOA board must know the fundamentals of parliamentary procedure; must contribute with etiquette; and must support the chair.
  • It is necessary that the members of the HOA Board in and around Los Angeles, know and understand the responsibilities of the property management company, who work at the direction of the Board of Directors. The HOA board is able to assign tasks to the property management company, however, all decision-making authority remains in the hands of the HOA board. It is the property manager’s duty to implement and complete directives of the Los Angles HOA board.
  • It is imperative that all HOA board members communicate between each other and the community. Governing in secrecy should not be complete except when executive sessions are involved. Residents should be treated with the same respect that you expect from each of them, and always allow them the opportunity to address the HOA board. In order to give residents a time and a place to do this, there should always be a resident’s forum at the beginning of all or most HOA board meetings. Have a welcome package for all new residents, so that they can become acquainted with the board and know more information on how and when to contact the board was well as information about the next HOA board meeting.
  • It is not recommended that the HOA board become overly strict and aggressive when it comes to enforcement of policies or fining practices. This will scare away prospective residents and make current resident uncomfortable. Usually all first-time infractions occur not from intention, but from not knowing or misunderstanding certain policies. The HOA board will also be met with repeat offenders or residents who do things intentionally, but it is the responsibility of the board to find the right balance in the governing practices of the board that includes fairness, objectivity, consistency and appropriate responses to any particular action within the Los Angeles residential community.
  • Place finding new volunteers for the HOA board in Los Angeles or surrounding areas as a priority. Residents that have the time or skills to serve on the board will always be helpful. Once you find these individuals, and orientation or training plan should be in place to get them up to speed with current projects, plans and policies of the community and/or HOA board.