Ontrack Asset Management Los Angeles

Tenant FAQ's


All applicants must be over the age of 18. Anyone who meets this requirement and is interested in renting one of Ontrack Asset Management’s vacant units will need to fill out a detailed application. Ontrack has criteria based on income, credit, and previous rental history which will be assessed during the review of the application. Once approved for tenancy, a lease will be drafted to be signed and the funds for your rent and security deposit will need to be remitted. Please carefully read the lease and any documents attached as they are legally binding. If the lease is violated for any reason, it is possible that you may lose the right to live in your unit. Rent collections are firmly enforced as well as all pet policies. If you plan on acquiring a pet, please be sure you find out whether or not a pet is allowed before signing the lease.
Rent is due by the 1stof each month. You have the option of paying in person or by mail at our office at Ontrack Asset Management 11110 Ohio Ave #205 Los Angeles CA 90025. We allow a grace period through the end of the business day (4:00 pm) on the fourth of the month. If your rent is received after this time, there will be a late fee assessed for the first day and every day thereafter until the rent is paid.
All maintenance requests (except in case of emergency) must be in writing. Maintenance requests can be submitted online by filling out the online maintenance request form. If you have a maintenance emergency after hours, please call us at 877-278-5598 or email at info@ontrackasset.com.
Please dial 911 for all fire, medial or life-threatening emergencies. Other non-life-threatening property emergencies may be reported to our 24-hour emergency number at (424) 270-0839.
The landlord will pay for normal repairs from wear and tear. All repairs caused the direct action of the tenant or a guest of the tenant, the repairs will be your responsibility. You are additionally responsible for light bulb changes, filters for air conditioners and smoke alarm batteries.
Contact our office. A fee will be assessed for unlocking your unit.
Contact our office for replacement. You are responsible for the cost charged by the locksmith.
If you will be moving out early, you will remain responsible for paying rent through the end of the lease. However, if an acceptable tenant who meets our application standards is provided, Ontrack Asset Management will allow them to sign a brand new lease in your place.
If you are a student, it is possible to have your rental application approved with a guarantor (usually a relative). Please contact us for details.
Several of our units accept pets. We charge a pet fee, varying on the property. Please contact us for questions about a specific property or about a specific type of pet.
Unfortunately, no. Ontrack Asset Management does not authorize smoking in any of our properties. You may smoke outside your unit. Any sign of smoking inside the unit can result in the loss of your deposit when you move out.
Yes, however, all adult occupants must be approvedand also must sign the lease agreement. In a roommate situation, both roommates are completely responsible for the rent. Ontrack Asset Management prefers one rent payment in full per month. Both parties must resolve how payment will be submitted and how much each person will pay in the event that one roommate occupies a larger room than the other. It is not Ontrack’s responsibility to intervene if only one roommate pays and the other does not. This is considered non-payment of rent and both parties may appear on a three day notice and any possible eviction. The security deposit is refunded only when the entire unit is vacant with no partial refund if only one roommate moves out. If one roommate moves out and someone else wants to live in the unit, that person will need to apply as a tenant and be approved. If you and your roommate do not get along, your property manager is not required to evict your roommate.
Each individual who has signed the lease agreement is responsible for the entire rent amount, regardless of how the rental cost may be split between the parties. If a roommate moves out, the remaining roommate remains responsible for the entire rent amount. You may substitute a new roommate upon approval for tenancy.
A security deposit is a refundable fund collected at the time when you sign your Lease Agreement; and, is held to ensure that the unit is left in good condition. Any charges for excessive wear and tear or damages caused by you or your guests will be deducted from your security deposit during move out.
No. You are responsible for paying each month's rent in full through the end of the lease agreement.
Generally, if you leave the unit in a clean and damage-free condition along with all keys and garage remotes, you will get your entire security deposit back.
You are entitled to receive a 24-hour notice unless there is an emergency or you have allowed us to enter by making an appointment. If you have requested maintenance on your unit, we will try to contact you to let you know when the worker will be arriving. Some repairs may not require you to be home. If you have given a “move out notice”, we may enter the unit, upon giving a 24 hour notice, to show the unit to prospects during reasonable hours.
You may contact one of the local cable TV providers for cable TV installation. You may use satellite service but note that satellite dishes may only be installed without any penetration to the roofing material or building walls.
After 14 days, a visitor becomes a permanent resident. All adult residents of the unit are required to fill out a lease application, pay the application fee, and pass a credit check. To add a roommate not included in the lease, please contact the property management office.
The application fee charged for each adult to cover the cost of running a credit check, checking rental history and income/employment verification along with a background check.