Ontrack Asset Management Los Angeles

Why choose us?

For potential tenants at Ontrack Asset in Los Angeles

We’d like to say that we’re number one at our property management company, but when it comes to tenants or even potential tenants, you are! We take pride in being able to provide our tenants with exceptional customer service while also relieving the stress and anxiety that often comes with renting a home. With Ontrack Asset, you’ll benefit from an easy and peaceful rental process that will get you moved in to your unit faster than you’d ever imagine. We would also like to point out some other advantages of renting from us:

  1. Our Technology:

    We mention this frequently only because it is our greatest asset. Our technology allows us to tend to your every need whether it be for a maintenance request or financial issue. We use computerized accounting software that allows for transparency and accuracy.

  2. We’re leasing specialists:

    We dedicate 100% of our time to our career in property management and leases. We know what we are doing with over 30 years of experience and ongoing training in legislation changes for lease agreements. We put your interests first and focus on delivering high quality standards.

  3. Our proactive staff:

    We are picky when it comes to selecting our personnel which means that we select the best of the best. We have managers that are ready to help with your every concern and are enthusiastic about making sure you’re happy in your home.

  4. We offer tailored service:

    We guarantee that your every request will be handled to the best of our abilities and as quickly as possible.

  5. Accountability:

    We understand that as tenants, you’ll count and confide in us to make sure your time in your home is pleasant. We want you to stay as long as possible which is why we offer a variety of services including 24 hours maintenance service in and have our managers ready to help in Los Angeles.

You won’t regret contacting us. We have clean, cozy and well-kept properties that suit every preference. Call our Los Angeles office today at (877) 258-5598 and schedule a visiting to see your next home!